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The Covenant of Fire Podcast is a Horus Heresy Podcast based out of Chattanooga, TN, covering all aspects of the 30k hobby.

Sep 1, 2021

Jake is joined by George from Mediocre Modeling Studios and The Space Men With Guns Podcast to discuss Music City Heresy and How to add some realistic weathering to your Heresy

Jul 16, 2021

Priddy and Jake Discuss their favorite FOTs and do the COF FOTONO Drawing!

Jun 27, 2021

Priddy and Jake are joined by Mike, organizer of the 30k event at Warzone Houston to talk about the biggest Heresy event in the US Post Covid as well as New models and Potato Camera pictures

May 13, 2021

Jake and Chris are back to discuss their first games played in a long while and some of the new-ish releases

Apr 17, 2021

Jake and Chris are back at it, discussing the upcoming Music City Heresy 30k event and their plans. They also tackle a question that has been keeping the listeners up at night: If the Primarchs had a current "Every Day Carry" gun, what would it be?